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Kids Get Measles From the Measles Vaccine!

By Dr Tim OíShea

Now this isnít from some wacky anti-vaccine blog. This is coming from the MMWR which is the CDCís own weekly publication. Here are 2 examples showing that weíve always known that vaccinated kids can contract measles from the MMR vaccine itself.

The first instance is from Illinois, in which 17 high school students came down with measles even though 99% of the high school got the MMR vaccine.

The other example is almost identical.  It took place at a Corpus Christi Texas high school where 14 students came down with measles after 99% of the student population received the MMR shot. And thatís from the New England Journal of Medicine.

Now hereís the part that glib journalists with their AA degrees always leave out. Before 1978, measles was a minor, self-limiting, immune-building disease of childhood. You wanted your child to get it because they would have lifetime immunity. Then in 1978, the MMR shot suddenly became part of the vaccine package for all kids. 3 doses. Even though the incidence was down by 90% by then.

After a decade or so, many incidents like the 2 cited above began occurring all over the country - groups of kids who obviously got measles from the shot itself. They got the exact disease the shot was pretending to prevent. Such examples continue to the present.  

So what does this mean?

First it means the vaccine doesnít really work.  It doesnít provide the supposed immunity from measles that theyíre advertising.

Second, we have the principle of the atypical disease. Thatís the term scientists use to describe a disease caused by vaccines. Remember, in all vaccines they never use the actual bug that is associated with the wild disease itself. Instead they use a laboratory mutation of the natural microbe which they make much more reactive, provoking a much stronger immune response. And thatís whatís in the vaccine. So through mass vaccination with mutated pathogens, we are creating brand new diseases that would have never evolved in nature; atypical versions of the original disease.

So thatís what weíre seeing in these outbreaks. Man-made disease. The problem is, the atypical versions are much more dangerous than the original, mild version, with far higher rates of death and complication.  Everyone knows that adult onset measles is a potentially much more serious disease than the original childhood version. 
Worse yet is that the adults who got the original, mild, childhood version of measles may not now be immune to the brand new Frankenstein version that has been created by our injudicious policy of mass vaccinating for a disease that had been part of building a childís normal immune system for decades. Get the picture?

All for marketing -- a $billion a year for MMR shots.

With todayís statistics, itís getting to where your child has a better chance of getting measles from the vaccine than going unvaccinated.

The last idea is this. The unvaccinated have signed exemption forms. Thatís the agreement that if a disease breaks out in school among the vaccinated population, you agree to keep your unvaccinated child at home. Why? So you wonít sue them for your unvaccinated kid getting a disease from their vaccinated kids. See how confident they are in their vaccines? Exemptions are all about liability.

Actually, this works out well for the exempt, unvaccinated kids. You want to keep kids out of school when these outbreaks occur because when the vaccinated kids get this atypical version of measles, itís a much more serious disease than the old fashioned version. You donít want your unvaccinated child to be around these diseased kids, who are true reservoirs for disease.

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