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Health Wars - The video
We are told we have the brightest and the best-trained doctors in the world looking after us. So why is western healthcare now the third leading cause of death in our nations today? In this fascinating documentary, Phillip Day brings us great news on successful, non-toxic treatments for cancer and other degenerative illnesses, along with expert medical and political opinion which supports his heart-warming, exciting information. Find out how you and your family can triumph over the major disease killers and help others to do the same. (PAL format, 75 minutes)

Healthy at 100! - The video
The absolutely NOT TO BE MISSED documentary from Down Under, featuring Phillip Day's tour of Australia, some great slices of his talk in Melbourne before a capacity crowd, and interviews with doctors, practitioners, patients and survivors. Funny, poignant, thoughtful and the most highly informative 65 minutes you will spend all year. (PAL format, 65 minutes)

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Cancer, Why We're Still Dying to Know the Truth
Great News on Cancer in the 21st Century
B17 Metabolic Therapy - a Technical Manual
Health Wars
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Wake up to Health in the 21st Century
Ten Minutes to Midnight
The Mind Game
Toxic Bite
World Without AIDS

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Health Wars
Cancer: The Winnable War

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The Real Face of the European Union

Health Wars
Healthy at 100!

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